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“The Landscape of the Imagination. Just say it exists. Really, actually exists. A world that has grown and developed from the whole of human imagination over thousands of years. Every story ever told, every character ever created, every idea ever conceived. What if you could actually go there and travel across such a landscape. What would you say to that?”

When renowned author CJ Sturridge finally finds the door in the wall for which he has been searching all his life, the one that will lead him into another world composed entirely from the workings of the human imagination, he has no idea of the trouble he’s about to get himself into. Now it’s up to one postgrad student cum struggling writer and one theatrical knight of the realm (deceased) to track him down and rescue him before he becomes lost to the real world forever.

TRAVELS THROUGH AN IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE is an illustrated narrative blog following the progress of Natasha Everingham and her appointed companion, Michael Redgrave, as they pass through the landscape of the imagination. The story unfolds through a number of episodes, each of which is divided into weekly parts. You can join the blog at any point but if you want to get the full story we would recommend you start from episode one, part one and follow the narrative through. You can also follow their story on the map and keep up to date with various other snippets of travel info and assorted nonsense. Enjoy!

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