Tired of getting goggle-eyed staring at your computer, tablet or mobile device?

Not satisfied by getting your regular nonsense fix in small weekly doses? Ready to splurge on something more fulsome?

Looking for the kind of retro thrill that only comes from holding a good old-fashioned pages-n-all book in your hands?


Well, fear not – your prayers have been answered.

Travels Through An Imaginary Landscape is now available in book format:



For a modest fee you can own the whole of Volume One, either in two slender, portable parts or as one chunky, value-for-money whole.

For all purchase options and prices visit:


“Smooth paper, a nice font and a groovy cover design. Why it’s like a proper book! I approve.” V. Woolf.

“Call yourself retro? Where’s your paper and quill, forsooth?!” W Shakespeare.

“Computers, mobiles and tablets? Pah! Call me when your work is available on a chip downloadable directly into the human brain.” P K Dick.

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