An Inter-Episode Apology

     Bloody hell, where did 2022 go to? One minute you’re sweltering in the midst of a greenhouse gas-enhanced summer, the next you’re plunging into winter with all the ill-considered eagerness of a lonely bloke in a singles bar. Which is our way of explaining why, despite fully intending to provide you with the latest instalment of your favourite nonsense-heavy, alternative reality-based adventure saga within this calendar year, we’ve had to reschedule slightly. Having suddenly looked up and seen Christmas looming on the horizon like a particularly time-consuming iceberg, we have decided that a short postponement is in order. Cos we’d hate for you to get so wrapped up in the moderately chucklesome exploits of Natasha and Michael that you forget to buy all the necessary Christmas pressies and earn the undying enmity of some distant cousins by turning up to their festive get-together empty-handed…

     But, fear not, as you can see from the teaser image above, Episode 21, ‘Romeo is Moping’, is (honestly!) in the final stages of post-production and will most definitely be delivered up to you at some point in January 2023. And, unlike a Tory leadership candidate, we only make promises we intend to keep… So, relax, try to make the most of the dregs of 2022, get those Christmas pressies in order and we will be back to brighten up your 2023 with a fresh dose of adventurous nonsense or nonsensical adventure, whichever you prefer…

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